Thome Has a New Home

Last night Kenny Williams waved the white flag after the Sox started this road trip 1-7. He traded Jose Contreras to the Rockies for another player! They received Brandon Hynick for the struggling pitcher. In a move that shocked me they also traded away slugger Jim Thome. They received prospect Justin Fuller for him. Fuller is a 25 year old that is still in A ball. Gentleman Jim gets traded in the twilight of his career for a nobody. I loved watching Jim crush the ball during his time with the Sox. He hit some of the longest homers I have ever seen hit in The Cell. He also seemed to be a genuinely good guy. He will be missed. This move opens up the door for Scotty Pods at the DH spot. So long Jim, we will miss you. The only question I have about the trade is where will Jim play in Los Angeles? He has not played first base in a couple of years. Do they just use him as a pinch hitter until they make the World Series? He did not do well in that role during interleague play this season. He does give them a good bat off the bench that could change the game with one swing. I will have more on this trade later I am sure. It is just starting to sink in.

Jose Contreras on the other hand needed to go. When I met him while he was playing for the Charlotte Knights this season he made me a fan of his. His pitching over the course of his Sox career has made it hard for me to like him. He was one game under .500 during his time with the Sox. He won some big games for us, but he was not the ace of the staff by far.

The White Sox are now four games under .500 with two more games in Minnesota left, and then four with the Red Sox at home after that. In between those series is the game that was supposed to have playoff implications, but now is just a measure of which team has fallen farther. This team could easily be 10 games under .500 in the next week.


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