Holliday and Rasmus Send Me Off with a Win

Last night I was at the Cardinals game for the second night in a row. On Friday Albert ended the game in dramatic fashion. Such heroics were not needed last night. Matt Holliday hit a three run homer in the third to put the Cardinals up, and they kept going after that. The picture to the left was taken just before contact on the homer. They put up four more in the 5th thanks to an error followed by a Colby Rasmus three run homer. Mitchell Boggs was effective in getting the win, but I don’t think that they will be able to ride this guy in the playoffs. He was up and down, and was close to letting the game get away from him a couple of times. Once again Albert did not disappoint. He went 2-3 on the night with two walks and two runs scored. He hit two doubles, the second of which was off the wall in straightaway center that scored a run. If I was the manager of the other team I would walk him every time. The road trip ended with two Cardinal wins. Both games were very exciting to be at. It is nice to be at a stadium when a team is performing as they should. I had great seats just behind home plate, and I had good people around me. Two Cubs fans that sat directly behind me were even decent. When he started giving the Cardinals season ticket holders flack because the Cubs sell out every game and the Cardinals don’t, she simply pointed to the eleven championships and said “I’d rather have those.” That seemed to do the trick. The new Busch Stadium was simply beautiful, and I see no reason why I will not make my way back soon. Hopefully the Sox will get to have a series there soon. I would love to spend three more days in St. Louis. During the two games that I saw I was able to see every Cardinal position player as well as all but two of the Nationals players. I also saw the three main powers hitters (Pujols, Holliday, and Adam Dunn) all hit one out. Pujols of course hit the most dramatic dinger. The only thing that would have made the trip even better was seeing Smoltz get a win. It was still cool seeing him pitch though.

Neither team took batting practice yesterday because it was photo day. When I got into the stadium I was initially bummed because fans were on the field, and the players were not. That quickly subsided when I made my way onto the field. I will save that story for another post though. I also was able to see Ernie Banks play the first game of a doubleheader yesterday. That story too will have to wait.


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