Pujols is the Man!

I already knew this coming into the stadium today, but he just added to his lore by smacking a home run way out of the park to win the game for the Cardinals in the ninth inning tonight. For a while I thought that this game might be going into extras once the Nationals went down in the top of the ninth. I thought that it would be fitting to see an extra inning game on my birthday. Albert decided against it though smacking a ball deep into the left field seats to win the game. From the moment that it left the bat you knew that it was gone. I had my camera put away already, but grabbed it out quickly to get a shot of the celebration at home plate. This team knows that it is close to something special. The Cubs won today so the lead stays at 9 in the central. That would not have been possible except for the heroics of Khalil Greene. He pinch hit in the eighth inning and hit a line drive out of the park to tie the game up. When Greene stepped into the box I thought “Why him?” I guess you don’t question the moves by Tony Larussa.
I was really excited to see the start of the game tonight to see John Smoltz pitch. He has 213 wins and 154 saves in his Major League career. He also won his first start in a Cardinal uniform on the road last week. What did the St. Louis fans do to greet Smoltz? Well he was cheered every time that the crowd thought that they could. They cheered him when he was warming up. They cheered when he came out from the bullpen before the start of the game. They cheered when he took the mound. They went ballistic when he came to bat the first time. They also gave him two send offs. They were not sure if he was coming out or not after he pitched the fifth inning so they gave him an ovation. They repeated the feat after the sixth. These fans really like Smoltz. He pitched six innings of four hit ball only giving up one run on a sacrifice fly. This was the pitcher that I came to watch tonight. He was worth every dime that I spent on my seat. I don’t know how much longer he will be around, but now I can say that I have seen him play. Tomorrow’s matchup is not quite as good. I guess you can’t get everything. It was fun to watch a team that wants to go to the postseason unlike the South Side team I normally watch.

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