Tip your hat to Mark Buehrle

Mark Buehrle will be appearing in the record books once again after his performance tonight. As of right now he has retired the last 45 batters he has faced. That bests the record of 41 set by Bobby Jenks and Jim Barr. The funny thing is right now I just wish Jenks could get three straight batters out in an inning. Once again Mark was reminded what was going on by A.J. between innings. You could see him pointing towards the scoreboard, and I swear I read no-hitter on his lips. I was kidding around tonight while eating dinner that he could get his name alongside Johnny Van de Meer for tossing consecutive no-hitters. Who knew he would get this close? I had better get back to watching the game now. C’Mon Buehrle!

Edit: As soon as I hit send Mark walked a batter, and then immediately gave up a base hit to Denard Span. No matter what he has shown that he is the Ace of this staff, and maybe some people around the country will know Mark Buehrle’s name. He was already one of my all time favorite Sox players dating back to his tarp diving days, but he now is right up there among my favorite. I was not at either no-hitter, but I was present for his last tarp dive. Those events are pretty close aren’t they?


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