Former Site of Metropolitan Stadium

I would never purposely go to the Mall of America. I am not much of a mall person so the worlds biggest mall has no appeal to me. One thing that actually had me excited to visiting the mall was the fact that a Major League Team actually played there. On the site of the mall the Minnesota Twins once played baseball. In 1961 the Washington Senators moved to Minnesota and became the Minnesota Twins. They played at the Met from 1961 until the end of the 1981 season when the team moved to the Metrodome. One of the highlights of the Twins time here was in 1965 when the All Star game and World Series was played in the stadium. On June 3, 1967 Harmon Killebrew hit a 520 foot home run. The shot was the longest of Harmon’s career, and was also the longest home run hit in Metropolitan Stadium. Today the seat that the home run landed in can still be found in the Mall of America. If you go to the Nickelodeon Universe section of the mall you will find a red chair on the wall over the log water ride. A picture of the chair can be found to the right. It is hard to gauge how far this shot must have went while in the mall. One thing that can help you is if you look across the Nickelodeon portion of the mall to the Sponge Bob inflatable. The old home plate can be found just beyond the inflatable. This is your best chance to try and picture how the old ball park was laid out. That chair was in center field, and of course we know where the plate was. Home plate as I said is found near the base of the Sponge Bob inflatable on the other side of the Nickelodeon Universe. It is in the middle of the walk way without much fanfare. You really have to be looking for both of these items from the old stadium to find them. It does make the mall experience more fun. A couple of great memorabilia shops also make the trip a little easier to take. If you have to go to a mall you might as well go to one that is on the site of a former Major League stadium.

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