Thome and Crede Shine on Hall of Fame Night

Last night the Sox walked away with a 8-7 win against the Twins in the Metrodome on Twins Hall of Fame night. Just the fact that Brad Radke was on the field pre game I thought might jinx the Sox. He always seemed to have their number. This was most likely my last visit to the Dome, and for the Sox sake I am glad. It is an interesting park, but my team has always played terrible in it. Jim Thome was the star for the Sox going 1-4, but getting four RBI’s in the process. His three run double was a broken bat ball that found just the right place in centerfield. That cleared the bases, and gave the Sox all the cushion they would need. Gordon Beckham also had a great night going 3-4 with three runs scored. He looked good doing it once again. Maybe he is like Brian Anderson, and only hits when I am at the games. I need to go to more apparently. Bobby Jenks made it interesting in the 9th, but got the four out save. Gavin Floyd pitched a solid game only really making two mistakes.

Joe Crede took those mistakes and drove them out of the park. Joe was 2-4 with two home runs, and four runs batted in. He also reached on a Beckham error in the ninth on a ball that was smoked towards the line. I have always loved to watch Joe play, but it is hard to see him in the other teams uniform. It is even harder when he is playing like he did last night. A healthy Crede can help the club in so many ways. The Sox let him go because of his health concerns, but so far it looks like the Twins gamble has paid off. It will be interesting to see how Joe goes down in White Sox history. The picture to the right is Joe’s follow through on his three run dinger in the fifth. He always had a photogenic swing anyway, but I like this picture of Joe.

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