Manny, Dodgers Beat the Brewers to Continue the Streak

The away team has won every game this roadtrip. I don’t know if this trend will continue tomorrow when I am technically at home, but going to another game. I really need to take a break from baseball games after this. The main reason that I wanted to see this game was to see if Manny could pass Mickey Mantle on the all-time home run list. I saw Sammy do this in 2003, and thought it could be a possibility. Manny hit a drive in the first that had a chance. Corey Hart must have had his sunglasses on at night because he missed what seemed like an easy play on the ball. He just let it hit the ground, and Manny was on base. The picture to the left is Manny following through on the double. The next picture in the series (which is not shown) shows Manny watching his shot. Typical Manny, watching the ball instead of running. I saw many young kids in the stands wearing Ramirez jerseys. Is this the guy we want our youth looking up to? When your kid does something wrong will you just say “That is Johnny being Johnny”? He had a good game going 3 for 3 before being replaced by Juan Pierre in the 7th as part of a double switch.

During the game I was talking to the guys about how the Sox were rumored to be in on Orlando Hudson in the off season. I couldn’t figure out why. As if to show me he hit two home runs in the game. Apparently he is a good ball player. He made a couple nice catches in the field, and Ryan Braun loves hitting him the ball. Clayton Kershaw pitched six solid innings only giving up one run on two hits. His main downfall was the five walks he gave up. Yovani Gallardo on the other hand gave up 5 runs in 5 innings. The Brewers had a chance in the ninth to tie the game, but Braun popped out once again. That was too bad because if they had tied the game Trevor Hoffman was warming up in the bullpen, and may have come in the game. It would have been nice to see the all time saves leader in action. The road trip ended with a game at a beautiful park. We did not have much invested in either team so we could just enjoy the baseball game. Manny did not hit his milestone homer, and we did not see Trevor but we still had a good time. We spent the last couple innings in the upper deck behind the plate. From that view you can take everything in. This park is much nicer than I remember it. Maybe that had something to do with the roof being open. Tomorrow night the madness continues at the Railcats game where I will hopefully get to meet Fergie Jenkins.

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