Silverhawks Roll Out the Barrel

Last night we were on our way to Minneapolis when we passed Road Ranger Stadium the home of the Rockford RiverHawks of the Frontier League. We were kidding around that we should stop at the stadium which was just off the road to get dinner. By the time we got to Beloit just down the road three of the four of us had decided that the best dinner plans would be inside Pohlman Field. So we let the GPS take us to the stadium, and the baseball portion of the trip started a day early. As we were walking up to the stadium they were singing “Take Me Out To the Ballgame.” I don’t know if it was lack of sleep or what, but I was singing along making sure to yell out White Sox at the appropriate time of course. After that the team made my day. They started up the “Beer Barrel Polka,” and I knew right then that this would be a great trip. We walked into the game without paying which is always nice. We had just missed the Silverhawks rally to put them ahead. The Snappers are the Twins single A affiliate so anytime I can root against a Twins team I will. South Bend scored five runs in the 6th to win the game 6-5. The twenty or so fans in the stands seemed upset about the result. The official tally for the game was 577, but most of them must have left early. The stands were really sparse. Pohlman Field was a decent stadium, but after seeing some great ones earlier this season it pales in comparison. When I get back I will write a little more on the stadium. This was the first of five baseball games in five days for me. I imagine by the end of Monday night I will not be too interested in watching baseball. Well the All Star game will be on so I might be a little interested.
Alfredo Marte who is heading the the Futures game this weekend had 3 hits and two RBI’s in the game to pace the Silverhawks. As I said last night through tired eyes I was able to see A.J. Pollack for the first time last night. In the only at bat I saw he struck out, and he went 0-5 on the day. He seems to be all or nothing to start his pro career. I seem to remember Justin Upton having a little trouble off the start as well. I imagine that Pollack may be playing with Upton in a couple of years.


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