Mark Buehrle is an All Star!

Mark Buehrle was just announced as one of the pitchers selected to the All Star game that will be played in St. Louis. It was just announced this week that he will pitch twice more before the All Star break including the Sunday before. What does this mean for his availability for the game? We will have to see. I knew it would be hard for the Joe Maddon to pick a player from the Sox, but with the news that Buehrle might not be available to pitch I did not think that it would be him. He is one of my favorite players, and I am happy for him. I am just surprised. I really thought that Jermaine Dye was going to be the guy on the team. He is not included in the fan vote either. The Sox are usually very good at getting those guys in the game. It was not meant to be for Jermaine this year. I guess there is only one way to fix the fact that more Sox players are not on the team. We will have to get to the World Series so that Ozzie can pick some of his guys next year.


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