More Pictures From the Civil Rights Game

While doing the stadium guide for the park I came across some pictures that I thought were cool that didn’t make it on the original post. I thought that I would post some of them here.

Some great Jackie memoribilia on display for the weekend.

A close up of some of the Big Red Machine. Two of my favorites, and one bad announcer.

A view from behind the plate

A pulled back view from behind the plate

Dotel just after release

Scotty Pods and Harold talking things over.

Can’t they find a uniform that fits this kid?

Dye pre swing

Dye post swing
Brandon Phillips swing
Pauly at the plate

Pauly big swing

Jerry (post hug I am guessing) with a big swing

Johnny Cueto walking in after warming up with Ryan Hanigan. Cueto has a bad look on his face. Either that or he is doing a great Gary Coleman impression.

Never mind. I know what the weird look was about now. By the way The Writers Journey has a great post about writing Ryan in for the all star game. Visit it here.

Brandon Phillips doing a great thing and signing for kids for a long time pre game. He really seems to have turned things around.

Jerry Hairston Jr. just needs a hug.

The pre game flyover. Now you know you are at a big game.

Brian Anderson warming up in case the bullpen needs some help.

Some of the Reds sporting the Frank Robinson mesh jersey that was given away.

Pete congratulating George Foster. Pete must have had some big money on that game.

Joe Nuxhall with the Civil Rights banner in the background.

Big Klu with the same banner in the background.


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