Game Preview: White Sox @ Reds (Civil Rights Game)

I have been thinking about heading to Great American Ballpark to see the Sox play for a couple of months. I was on the fence about going until I read a post by the Mets Guy in Michigan about the Reds Hall of Fame and museum. When I went to the stadium in 2003 we barely made it into the stadium before gametime. When the game was over we had to get back quick. I had no time to tour the stadium properly. They added the museum after that, and I really need to see some of these things. I left so quickly that I didn’t even take my camera. I have no pictures of the park. That is very odd for me. Once again I found a ticket behind first base for $16 with shipping on eBay so I am on my way Saturday.

On to the game that I saw in 2003. I went to a late September game between the Reds and the Cubs. A friend at work found some cheap tickets on eBay so we went. The Cubs had the division in the bag so the game meant nothing to them. They had Carlos Zambrano going against Todd VanPoppel. Zambrano had a rough sixth inning which ended up costing the Cubs the game. The Reds scored six that inning on their way to a 9-7 win. Sammy Sosa hit two home runs in the game. They were career home runs #537 and #538 putting him past Mickey Mantle into 10th place all time on the home run list. On a side note Mantle is now sitting at 15th all time with 536 home runs. The wind must have been blowing out that day because Kenny Lofton even hit a homer that day. In all five home runs were hit that night. It was a good game, but the Cub fan that I was with kept running his mouth so we had to make a quick exit when it was over. This year I am going to get to the stadium early, and take everything in.

The pitching matchup for the game will feature Clayton Richard going for the White Sox, and Johnny Cueto pitching for the Reds. Cueto is an exciting young pitcher that will make the game interesting to say the least. If it had not been for the rainout on Tuesday I would be watching Mark Buehrle pitch for the Sox. This will be the first Sox game except for the doubleheader against the Mariners that I have not seen Buehrle start this season. He just always seems to come up when I am at the game. I did see Richard pitch on Opening Day in relief though. He looks like he will be good someday if he keeps progressing. Both teams are going to be wearing 1964 throwback uniforms as well. I should get some good pictures. I may have to take some extra memory with all of the things going on.

Hopefully I will have a game recap up tomorrow along with a look at the Reds Hall of Fame and a look at the stadium.

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