Jose Contreras is the AL Player of the Week

I have been putting off this post about the players that I met at Toledo a couple of weeks ago. I was going to post a little bit about how easy it really is to get autographs. One of those players that made it easy was Jose Contreras. Before the game I went through the long lines, and got a ball signed by the entire Toledo Mud Hens team. It took a little while to do it, but the ball looks great. When those guys make it to the Tigers roster it will start looking better and better.
After going through the lines I went over near the Sox dugout to get a couple autographs. One of the first players to come down the line was Daryle Ward. He was great, and signed for everyone. Later that day I got his father to sign the same ball making a nice addition to my collection. I got some of the other players on the team to sign including former Twin Michael Restovich. I was snubbed by Gordon Beckham and Brett Lillibridge. In a way I can see Beckham. Everyone wanted a piece of him at that time. Lillibridge though better just enjoy the thought that someone wants his autograph. The way that he is playing in Triple A, he may have some Double A fans wanting it in a few days. I was really looking forward to getting Rich Dotsons autograph. I met him at my first Sox game, and really wanted a ball from him to go on my wall. I did get to meet him, and even though he asked where I wanted him to sign he still signed the side of the ball. That would not have been so bad, but I am not even sure that he signed his name. It is almost unreadable. That ball is now hidden in the back of the collection. Only the good ones can be up front with the limited space. The highlight of the pre game though was Jose Contreras. I was not even looking his way, and he tapped me on the shoulder to ask if I wanted something signed. I never even saw him coming. I dug into my bag to get a ball, and he put his name right on it. He was very gracious, and really upped his stock in my book that day.
That made it much easier to root for him when he came back up to pitch last week against the Tigers. He went 8 innings allowing no runs and one hit. He only gave up two hits this weekend against the Brewers once again allowing nobody to score. In all he pitched 16 scoreless innings in his two outings. That apparently was good enough for the powers that be to name him the AL Player of the Week. He has looked great since he came back up. Let’s hope that he can keep it up. Go Jose. You have a new fan rooting for you.

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