Draft Day Notes

In a day where everyone is talking about Stepen Strasburg I found a couple of gems in the MLB Draft. The first one is A.J. Pollock. A.J. was part of a great class that came into Notre Dame in 2007. They had a ton of good outfielders, and he of course was one of them. From day one he has proven that he can be a great centerfielder as well as a good hitter. Leading up to the draft MLB.com had him as the top defensive center fielder out there. I was hoping he would fall to the White Sox, but he was snatched up too quickly. He was taken 17th overall by the Arizona Diamondbacks. That is the highest that a Notre Dame baseball player has ever been taken in the draft. He did not make it to the Sox though. That is okay because in the not too distant future I will be able to see him play in South Bend. Good luck to A.J. as he starts his pro career.

The White Sox did draft one player of interest to me though. Dan Black of Purdue was taken in the 14th round (433rd player overall) of the draft. Dan was a force at Purdue while playing first base. In college you do not see many home runs hit, but Dan hit quite a few in the limited games that I was able to see. He is second overall in Purdue history in home runs and RBI’s, and hit .313 for his collegiate career. Dan also tied the Big Ten season record for walks with 62 this year. He was not a player the opposing pitchers wanted to face. He will now be wearing a White Sox uniform. That makes me feel pretty good. Here is a picture taken this year of Dan during the Black/Gold game weekend. As you can see he already was wearing the right colors.

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