Polish Heritage Night

Tonight is Polish Heritage Night at the Cell. Being of Polish Heritage and a Sox fan it only makes sense that I go to the game. I went a couple of years ago to the game, and men named Pierzynski and Mackowiak were the stars. Who will be the stars tonight? A.J. is still on the team, but other than that I don’t know who we can count on to rise up. In honor of us Pollacks the Sox our having dancers from the Polish Roman Catholic Union (PRCU), local Polish bands, and performers from Perogi fest in Whiting, Indiana. They are also having special food at the concession stands along with Polish beer. This should be a good night. Now lets beat the Tigers for the Pollacks.
The pitching matchup looks good for the good guys. Mark Buehrle goes against Dontrelle Willis. Willis had a rough last game losing control against the Red Sox giving up 5 runs in 2 1/3 innings. He did not pitch much better against Baltimore before that. If we are going to get these bats going, it will be against Dontrelle. Mark needs to keep on track. He is 6-2 with a 2.91 ERA so far this season. If it is a typical Buehrle game, then we will be on our way home early. This game is a must win. Actually we need to win quite a few in the next week to keep Kenny from getting rid of our players. I am always the optimist, and even I am starting to doubt this team. Here are some things that I will be looking for tonight:

  • Can Gordon Beckham get his first hit for the Sox?
  • Will Josh Fields still have his foot in his mouth?
  • Which team has more Pollacks, and will they be the deciding factor again?
  • Which Sox offense will show up?
  • After having a night to think it over, who will Ozzie put on the field?
  • Is Q ready to go?
  • Will Scotty Pods break Barry Bonds home run record?
  • Will Jim Thome swing at the baseball? (That might not be fair, but it is good luck)
  • Do I really have to watch Dewayne Wise play baseball?
  • And finally, who did we draft today? Can they play Center, leadoff, and score 10 runs a game?

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