When It Rains, It Pours

I don’t hate the Cubs. Let me just say that right off the bat. They are having a tough time right now, and I think that their struggles should put some things into perspective for Sox fans. On paper they might be an even better team than the Sox, and they have just lost eight straight. I was thinking that things couldn’t get much worse for them last night when Mr. T stepped up to the mic to sing the seventh inning stretch. He butchered that song so bad that the Cubs fate was sealed then. The Sox saw the Pirates bats come alive in the 8th inning of Sunday’s game, and they kept going last night. This could be a long season on both sides of town.
The Sox bats finally came alive last night. They scored 17 runs to win 17-3. I just hope that they saved some runs for the rest of the month. Maybe this is the turnaround point. As if to answer my challenge from earlier in the day Jim Thome hit his 549th home run to pass Mike Schmidt for sole possession of 13th place all-time. The downside is that Carlos has injured his foot again. We really need him healthy and swinging the bat to do any damage this year.

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