Scotty Pods is Back!

From what I have seen on the internet today it looks as if Jerry Owens is going back to Charlotte, and Scott Podsednik is headed back to Chicago…well not really. He is headed to Arlington to join up with the White Sox. Some of the best baseball that I have ever watched was in the begining of 2005 when Scotty was tearing up the basepaths. When he got on base you jumped to the edge of your seat. Now when I hear his name I think of what could have been. Once he started seeing the supermodel he has had constant groin issues. Coincedence? I will let you be the judge. Maybe he can give us some more thrills in the coming weeks. He is not what I think of when I think of a center fielder, but we need somebody to do something out there. I think that Anderson is doing a decent job, but if he is hurt we need anyone but Owens right now. We are in a three way tie for first right now with the Twins just behind. There is not a lot of room for error. Maybe the man who made me forget about Carlos Lee will be the difference.


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