#10 Purdue 87 – Eastern Michigan 58

Purdue did not come out of the gate firing last night. They were down 8-0 early in the game, but used their defense to get them back into the game. Robbie Hummel led the team in scoring, but E’Twaun Moore really carried them when he was needed. Moore seems like he can score whenever he wants to. LewJack put on another ball handling display last night as well. He really enjoys breaking down the defender, and then getting the ball to the open man. It is fun watching a true point guard at work. Purdue forced Eastern Michigan into 22 turnovers last night, and I think they can get even more tonight. Four players scored in double figures last night. This is an unselfish team, and that should help translate into wins. They do not force shots very often to pad their stats. We really only root for one player to force a few shots. Of course at the end of the game Bobby Buckets was put in, and the crowd lived and died on his every shot. His jumper from the free throw line sent the crowd into one last roar. Most of them had seen enough then, and left.

In the second game Loyola-Chicago upset Georgia in front of about 200 people on the nightcap. I did not even stay the whole game. It is much harder to watch a game when there is no crowd. Especially after just hearing the place rock. I left at the half with the score tied at 29, but apparently Loyola went to work in the second half. Neither team looked very impressive early. Ball control was the key. They did not seem to value the ball like Purdue does, and they will pay for it tonight if they don’t watch out.
So far this season I am 7-1. The upset of Georgia by Loyola-Chicago last night was my first loss of the year. Maybe I can make up for that tonight. Loyola did not seem too good at protecting the ball last night. I don’t think that they will get away with that against the Boilers. I have the Ramblers scoring 51, but I think it could be less if Purdue can put pressure on the ball.
Purdue 84 – Loyola 51
The early game is the consolation game of the tournament. It will feature Georgia versus Eastern Michigan. I actually think this game will be close judging by how last nights games went. I think Georgia will pull it out in the end though.
Georgia 72 – Eastern Michigan 67

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