#10 Purdue 81 – Northern State 61

Last night I was at Purude’s final exhibition game. Purdue only won by 20, but there were plenty of bright spots. JaJuan Johnson looked great. He still is skinny as can be, but he could really develop into a dominant force under the basket. What will make him so great though are the guys out on the perimeter. Last night they were very cold shooting. Hopefully we can get rid of that before the season starts Friday. LewJack really is fun to watch. He is a pass first guy that can shoot it as well. A true point guard is something that we have needed. Crump was alright, but this guy looks good. The guys may not have come out of the gate firing, but after what had to be a spirited half time talk they came out to play in the second half. They had the intensity that we are used to seeing from them. Painter was so loud during a timeout that I could here him over the band from across the arena. The games that don’t count are finally over. Now we can start the season for real.

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