500th Post

This website started as a log of the end of my quest to attend 100 college or pro sporting events in one year. I accomplished my goal, but kept the site going. It evolved into a site where I talked about the games that I went to, and put up a couple of pictures that I took at the game. But talking about the game after the fact was not enough. I started previewing games that I was going to. I then would even start talking about sports and events that I was not even a part of. Then somehow last year I put a couple of cards up on the site. The site then went from sports blog to almost full time baseball card blog now. I think my identity is missing. I think the card deal just has evolved because of my need to post most days. This is a great way to do that. I think that for now I will keep doing what I have been doing on this site. I will keep talking about the games that I am going to, and throw in some comments about sports when I feel the need. The card aspect will stay here as well. I had considered moving that to another site, but decided against it. I have 1984 Topps Cards, but that is dedicated to one year and make. It has taken me two years to post 500 times. At the rate that I am going now I will hit 1,000 in just over a year. I need to get a life.
Just for fun I thought that it would be neat to go back and look at my first real post on here. I had the introduction, but here is the first game post from the site. Things have changed quite a bit since then. It was great to see how much fun I was having in 2006. Here is the Purdue – Ball State game post with one of my favorite pictures ever of Korey Sheets stretching the Ball into the end zone.


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