Definition of Victory

balls noun
1 any object in the shape of a sphere, especially one used as a toy by children or in various sports such as tennis and football.

nuts noun
the dry fruit of particular trees which grows in a hard shell and can often be eaten.

Neither of these definitions fits the fourth down call by Joe Tiller today. He showed some of the inventiveness that made these teams fun to watch when I first started watching Purdue football. That was pure guts. I may have killed a three year old when I was jumping up and down during/after the play. I just could not believe what I had just seen. With nothing to lose these calls could become a bit more frequent. I have noticed that Desmond Tardy warms up with the quarterbacks now. Could he be readying for a possible trick play? I hope so.Today excitement was back in Ross-Aide Stadium. Not at first of course. Within the first five minutes we were down 14-0, and everyone around me was already talking about leaving at halftime for good. At least those around me were talking about it. Most people were not even in the stadium yet. I even made some remarks about why would you even bother to find your seat when you walk in five minutes late, and you are already down fourteen points. Purdue put together some drives, and made the score 14-14. They really looked like an offense that could move the ball. I checked my ticket to make sure that I was at the Purdue game.

Just before the half we were down two touchdowns. I really wanted to score before the half because we were receiving at the beginning of the second half. We scored with about thirty seconds back, and then scored to start the half to tie the game. From there on out we would take the lead, then give it back up. We were tied midway through the fourth quarter and facing a fourth and eight. Our punt team took longer than usual to come onto the field, and my brother was wondering if we were going to go for it. I told him that we would be stupid to do it. Too many yards to go, and in the other teams territory. Former running back Anthony Heygood then took the snap and ran 61 yards to the seven to set up a Purdue touchdown. Michigan then went down the field and scored with just over a minute left in the game to tie it up. We moved the ball to about the 32 yard line, and all I wanted was a few more yards to set up the field goal. What I got was a short pass to Greg Orton who then executed a perfect flip to Desmond Tardy who raced in for the go ahead score. After a last gasp effort by Michigan we had our first Big Ten win of the year. Today was the kind of day that I was looking for when the season started. I wanted to see Joe go out on a good note. A couple more like this should do the trick.

Today we had lots of players that made a difference. Anthony Heygood had his big special teams play, but his presence around the ball on defense along with Joe Holland is fun to watch. They are both ball hawks. Justin Siller is understandably a star of the game. He made some great plays out there. He really could be a dual threat. The backup always does seem better at first though. Kory Sheets ran for just over 100 yards, but he earned every bit of them. He really is proving to be one of the best backs that I have seen. Greg Orton made some great catches today. One of them is above. He went up and over the defender to get the ball. He is one of the best receivers in the Big Ten. We need to get him the ball more. Siller seems to like throwing it to him. That is a smart move on his part.

Purdue needed to win its last four games to go 6-6 and be bowl eligible. They eliminated Michigan from a bowl today, and they will hope that Michigan State does not beat them next week.


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