Plenty of Treats

Tonight I was at the first game of the season for the Purdue Men’s team. Well sort of the first game. The game was an exhibition, but you would not have known it from the way the crowd was rocking at the beginning. The final margin was not as wide as I thought it would be. Purdue won 94-62, but I think they could have scored much more. They also gave the Moccasins way too many second chance baskets. They were out rebounded badly by a small school. Highights from the game included seeing LewJack and Ryne Smith for the first time. Neither of them disappointed. LewJack was all over the court, and made some great passes. Smith looked like he would never miss from three. Just when you thought he was just a three point shooter he took it to the hole with ease. The other players all looked good. It was good to see them playing with that intensity that I remember. These guys give it everything that they have all of the time out on the floor. If they let up at all Painter takes them out for a breather, and someone else gets in the game. This could be a real fun year. The old guys look great, and the new guys look to give us even more depth off of the bench. Strap in for a fun ride.
One interesting fact from the game was that although we were playing Florida Southern, they had just as many players from Indiana on the team as Florida players (four). Some of that may be due to the fact that their coach played basketball at Purdue.


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