Game Preview: Purdue v. Florida Southern

Tomorrow night the Boilers hit the court for the first game of the year. It does not count, but the Boilermakers will be facing someone other than themselves for the first time this year. In these types of games all you really want to do is build on what you have done in practice, and come out of the game with no injuries. This should be a high flying adventure for a while, then we will get to clear the bench. Bobby Buckets should get some real playing time tomorrow night. I am very excited to see the returning players as well as some of the newcomers. This game should help me see them all in one night.
Normally I don’t preview each basketball game of the year. This is the first one though so I thought that I would get off on the right foot. I may do a few this season. I thought that I can get my win percentage up during the exhibition season. I will have a little better season preview right before the first real basketball game.

My prediction: Purdue 103 – Florida Southern 46

Just before this game they will be playing a volleyball game. I may have to go and check that out. I have never been to a college game, and the Ohio State matchup might be a good one to start on. The following night the Boilers play Michigan after the football team plays them. I will be at one of these if not both. I have seen that volleyball can be fun to watch. I will try not to make a habit out of it though.


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