Welcome Home

Homecoming at Purdue has come and gone. The same might be said for the season. Yesterday when I wrote the preview for this game I picked against the Boilermakers on purpose to give them a better shot. It seems like my pick always loses. That did not work today. On the first series of the game the Gophers took the ball down the field in less than two seconds to score what was the deciding touchdown. Purdue hung tough all day, but could not pull off the win.
When Purdue got the ball Curtis Painter went down right away. That coupled with Joey Elliot’s injury last week meant that quarterback turned running back returned to quarterback Justin Siller was put into the game. Siller showed great promise when being rushed. He continuously got out of trouble, but except for a couple of runs he couldn’t make anything out of it. His running ability leaves no questions. He is a great open field runner. He showed today that he can also get out of trouble. He does have an unorthodox passing style, and he doesn’t seem too accurate. He has all the time in the world to improve though, so I wouldn’t mind seeing him on the field again.
This week the Boilers have a new holder for field goals (and maybe extra points but we saw none of them today). The new holder is Kris Staats. This would normally not be a big deal. Staats is a receiver from way down on the depth chart. He is a preferred walk on that gets to dress every week. What makes this so cool is the fact that Staats is from the great town of LaPorte. In 2005 he helped the Slicer Football team re-write the record books. He has worked hard to get onto the field, and it is nice to see him get some playing time.One interesting part of the day was the tailgating. I graduated from Purdue. My brother attends Purdue. His girlfriends parents are in from Colorado, and who shows who the tailgates? The people from Colorado. We partied with Jack’s Boys today. Jack’s Boys is a new society created by the former players of Jack Mollenkopf to honor his memory. It was interesting to hear their stories about the past, and to also hear what they think about where Purdue is heading. One of the highlights was meeting Larry Kaminski. Larry was a former Purdue player in the 60’s, and also a Denver Bronco. He lived in Steamboat, Co so that was our in. Hopefully their society takes off, and they can have bigger gatherings with much more important people than me. I imagine we will have more about Larry on the blog at a later time.


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