Game Preview: Purdue v. #25 Minnesota

I have been skydiving. When you go for the first time they strap someone on your back that knows what they are doing. When you jump out of the plane everything happens so fast you don’t know when the free fall will end. That has got to be how the Boilers feel right now. Curtis stop kneeling down, its not over. Nothing is over until we decided it is. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?…….and it isn’t over now. ‘Cause when the goin’ gets tough…….the tough get going. Alright, maybe it is too early for the Animal House quotes, but we are in about as much trouble as they were. Purdue has only won two games this year, and one of those was against a Division II team. The only game we won this year against a real opponent was the last second victory over Central Michigan. The feeling in the stadium was high that day. Who could have guessed that we would be disappointed for so long after that? We need to play the way we are capable of on both sides of the ball on the same day. The offense played well Saturday, but could not outscore the Wildcats. The defense took a few steps back when a solid performance could have helped us to a win. I think that we will play better Saturday, but not good enough to win. The Gophers have a good quarterback, and receiver that may just be too much for us to contain as the day goes on. Pender will have to be on his game this week. He is a good corner, but he must win this matchup for us to have a shot. On the other side of the ball Korey Sheets must take advantage of what should be a slick field to run the ball and kill the clock against the Gophers. He is a good back, but he needs to back up his comments from last week. He works well under pressure, and this week he has a lot to play up to. When the chute finally opened on my skydiving adventure it went from pure madness to serenity. I think the Boilers could salvage this season if they could finally get a win against a Top 25 school. They just need someone to pull the cord. That person is Curtis Painter. His play will ultimately decide the game.
Just for kicks this week I decided to try and do the other Big Ten games just to see how bad I really am at picking games. Maybe I am just handicapped by my ties to Purdue.

My Predictions (0-1 2008):
Minnesota 31 – Purdue 24
Northwestern 30 -Indiana 9
Michigan State 42 – Michigan 6
Penn State 28 – Ohio State 27
Wisconsin 38 – Illinois 31

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