The Rays Are Having a Devil of a Good Time

The team that beat the White Sox is now advancing to the World Series. Who could figure it out that by taking off part of your name you could suddenly become great? The White Sox need to drop the White portion of their name next year. That will guarantee greatness. They could drop the Sox portion, but that might be too much. That would of course start a chain reaction. The Red Sox would want to do something as well. We can’t have two teams named the Sox so they would have to drop the Sox. Then we would get confused between the Red and the Reds. Maybe they could just go down to the BoSox that most people in the area use anyway. They will have gotten rid of part of the city name as well. That might start a dynasty. This started off as a great story. Then the comeback by the Red Sox was the story. Now this young team will see what the World Series stage is like. Hopefully they don’t like it and let the White Sox have it next season. Earlier on this blog I had my scientific study to find a team to root for. I was supposed to see the Red Sox and the Phillies in the series based on former Sox players on the team. I guess that you can’t get everything. The series will start Wednesday in the dome pictured in the above card. This will conclude a busy day of posting on here.

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