Now I Am Upset

It has been a running joke with my friends about how I go to so many games, and never end up with a ball. The people that go with me have very good odds of ending up with one. I have had friends get multiple balls not really trying. I have caught a couple, but I do not even come close to this guy. His name is Zack Hample. He caught the last Mets homer in Shea, and caught multiple balls on the last weekend at Yankee Stadium. Here is a link to his blog. He has taken home 7.5 balls from each game he attended this year. I put all of mine in a cube, but he would need sponsorship to do that. Next year I am getting a ball. This trend is just getting ridiculous. Look out little kids. You will have a 200 pound thirtysomething heading your way. Move it or lose it. This guy has written books, and been on TV because he can get balls at games. There is hope yet. If I get any older though it will be downright creepy.


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