Game Preview: Purdue @ Northwestern

Over the last few weeks I have been very disappointed in Purdue football. They have come close to winning, but have found ways to lose. I think that the losing may have just been a product of the schedule. We should have beaten Oregon. That loss was on our hands. We did however play Notre Dame, Penn State, and Ohio State close. The defense kept us in the games long enough for the offense to win it for us. The problem is that the offense did not show up. I think that we will see the offense come to play tomorrow. Painter is too good to play the way he has. Orton had a big day two years ago in Evanston, and I think we will see the same tomorrow. We have too much going for us on offense to be stifled by Northwestern. I have nothing to back this up, just a gut feeling. The next few weeks will see a resurgence in the Purdue offense. I may be eating my words tomorrow afternoon, but
The defense has gotten better every week, and I see us looking very good this week. We held a high octane Penn State team down along two weeks ago. Who on Northwestern is better than their counterparts on Penn State? Our defense will even score some points for us tomorrow. The dream season for Northwestern has already taken a turn for the worse, and it will keep going bad tomorrow.
I am debating whether or not to attend the game tomorrow. I want to go, but work and other things have been keeping me busy lately. A day off would be nice. I am just going to see what the day brings when I wake up. If I am up early enough I will go. If not I guess I will be watching on ESPN. Once again I am making a game prediction. I am putting them in a special tab so that I can keep track of how badly I do predicting games. We will know tomorrow I guess.

My Prediction: Boilers 24 – Wildcats 17

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