New Week, Same Result

Due to other things coming up on Friday nights I have not been to a Slicer game yet this year. I went to the preseason scrimmage, but as I said I have not been back. I have kept up on the Slicers throughout the season though. Who would have known that they would only have one win at this point of the season? They won the first game of the year, but had to forfeit it do to having played an ineligible player. The rest of the season has been a series of close but no cigar games. They have been right in the game, but did not get the plays that they needed at the end to close them out.
The night started out badly for the Wolves. On the way out of the large wolf head one player went down, and then a pileup ensued. I thought that it would be a good omen, but as I said I have not been to a game yet this year. Both teams were trading touchdowns. Adam Harmon and Carlton Austin were carrying the loads for their respective teams. Both players going both ways. The picture to the right shows Austin taking down Harmon. Austin ended the game with 162 yards rushing, and Harmon had 80 something. They both were also playing both sides of the ball as well. I thought that this was were the game would be decided, but I was wrong. LaPorte was down a score at the half, but used a double reverse flea flicker to score on the first play out of the break. They traded touchdowns from there. The Slicers scored with three minutes left to take a four point lead. The two point conversion made it six. City then immediately scored on a long pass play. A celebration penalty pushed them back for the extra point and it went wide left keeping the score tied at 28. LaPorte then had the ball with two minutes to play with. Dustin Demuth then threw a pick that led to the Michigan City score. Demuth picked off the ball in the end zone to deny them the two point conversion. The Wolves then tried and converted an onside kick. That was the second try in a row, and it pretty much sealed the game. After time expired the Slicers lost 34-28. Another tough loss for this team. They still only have one win on the season, and travel to Portage next week. That is never an easy place to win.


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