It Ain’t Over Until…Yup It’s Over

The White Sox just ended their 2008 season. Right now I am very upset, but even in a couple of minutes my anger is going away. The White Sox were picked to finish fourth or fifth in their division this year. They were supposed to be a couple pieces short of going back to the playoffs. A couple great off season moves by Kenny really ignited this club. Part of the Division title was due to the fact that teams underperformed. The Tigers and the Indians never really played to their potential. Heck the Tigers ended up in last place. The Twins did their usual trick of pulling a rabbit out of a hat. They always seem to come up with good players when they need them. That last series in Minnesota was hard to watch on one hand, but from a baseball standpoint it was what I want to see from my team. I know that we are built for our park, but it would be nice to have one outfielder who can cover some ground. The Sox overachieved all season long, but we were still very close to something special. We are missing just a couple pieces from being a team that could do some damage. In the regular season we had a lot of trouble competing with the upper tier teams. We made a better showing of ourselves in the post season than I thought we would. I will post more on the year after it has been over for a while. Right now though I am both glad that we had the season that we had, but also upset that we couldn’t take it to the next step. I chose the picture that I did for this post because it shows Joe Crede just before his shot on opening day. That grand slam was the start to a great season. I have a bad feeling that I may never see Joe play again in a White Sox uniform. If that is the case then this will be a long off season. We may have a lot of sad goodbyes this winter. Time will tell I guess.


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