Cubs Swept Again

I have to be careful with this post. My team could very well get swept today. In fact if they hit like they have been they will get swept. But last night the Cubs lost game three of the NLDS, and are out of the playoffs. I could be a much bigger Cubs fan than I am. In fact as a kid I used to root for both teams. As I grew older though I ran into Cub fans. All I ever hear about from them is how their team is better. This is their year. They have to be the better team. They sell out every game. I took the above picture in April because the fans around me at the game kept saying “It’s Gonna Happen.” All I kept thinking about was that yes they will choke again. As the year went on I was slowly convinced that maybe it was the year. While in New York I was positive that it was the Cubs year. When Zambrano threw the no-no, and Lilly followed it up with a one hitter I thought that they are peaking at the right time. I have no clue what happened to this team. In fact I am shocked that they went out the way that they did. Hopefully the Sox will win today, and we can have a Chicago team to root on for a little while longer.

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