Purdue Game Wrap: Hard to Watch

I thought that Purdue would lose today. I thought that they would lose by 14. What I didn’t expect was that we would be in the game for as long as we were. We had so many chances to go ahead, but could not execute. Of course Penn State had the same chances, but all we had to do was get on top. We ended the first quarter with no score. Purdue had some chances, but could not get over the top. The offense cannot put together a drive. We have a couple good plays, then stall. Today I can understand it. We were playing the #6 team in the country after all. I would expect to be overmatched. We were doing the same thing against inferior opponents early in the season. We should have been running up the score so that the first team could leave the game. What we were doing instead was biting our nails on the sidelines. This program has some work to do. Next week we go into ‘the Shoe.’ We have to play better than this. Curtis Painter needs to step up his game. He really has never improved from his freshman year. He still makes the same mistakes, and looks at his receiver from the snap. Look at someone else for crying out loud. Tiller finally did something that had to be hard for him to do in the fourth quarter when he pulled Painter for Joey Elliot. After the game on the radio Tiller talked about how well Elliot played, and the spark that he showed when in the game. He only played one series, but took Purdue down the field to score its only touchdown. Tiller also said that Painter would have played in the two minute drill because he is better in practice. Practice! We talkin’ bout practice! I don’t think that we will see Elliot start the game next week, but the hook might be a little quicker to happen. One hook that I would really like to see would be Chris Summers the kicker. Thankfully I was not here to see him miss kicks that could have won the Oregon game, but I did get to see his performance today. He missed two field goals (one chip shot), and an extra point. I do not like booing the players on my own team, but my hands were up after Summers missed the extra point. I stopped short, but really wanted to.
Positives from the game include the defense. They gave up 20 points, but they were put in some bad situations by the offense. They had to make the plays today. They gave up some big plays, but seemed to buckle down when they had to. They had a good goaline stand where they ended up giving the score up on fourth down, but they lost momentum during a challenge. Another positive was right guard Ken Plue (#73) he can be seen in the above picture with Elliot at quarterback. He is huge, and seems to move around well. He will be a welcome addition to the line.
We only lost by 14, but Penn State clearly was the better team today. After the 20-6 loss we are 2-3 (0-1), and need to get going if we are going to send off Tiller in a bowl game. We have some winnable games left, but the margin for error is getting slimmer. I hope that I have a better outlook after next week for the Boilers. I have tickets for the Ohio State game, but may pass on making the trip. I think I need a weekend at home.


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