Game Preview: #6 Penn State @ Purdue

Two years ago I had high hopes for Purdue against Penn State, and they drained them from me. They could not score a single point, and I left the stadium as disappointed as I ever have I think. I thought that we had a shot at them, and we could not do anything. This year I realize that our chances are slim. Penn State is a very good football team, and Purdue struggled against Notre Dame. I just don’t think that we can compete against this team. Penn State has scored 66, 45, 55, 45, and 38 points this season so far. They can score, and we have been having trouble moving the ball. I have heard excuses every week, but the result is still the same. We had trouble with the 1AA opponent. We have not beaten a ranked team since before both Sox teams beat their curses, and sadly that will stay the same after tomorrow. I hope I am dead wrong, but I may be underestimating the score a little. I have the final score at a fourteen point spread, but it could get very ugly. Purdue needs to play inspired as they did against Oregon to have a chance. We do not do well in blackout games, but maybe we can break that trend as well.

Prediction: Penn State 31 – Purdue 17

Finally let me just say that two years ago I listed the Penn State games that I attended. I wrote about how IU lost by six, and that it cost the Nittany Lions a shot at the National Title. It was amazing how people decided to write me about how it was not as close as six points. I realize that games can be decided before the fourth quarter, but the final was still six no matter how many points were scored when. Penn State was clearly the better team that day.


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