Not Sports Related At All

Tonight I was in West Lafayette to see one of my idols as a kid. Not many children would want to be Robin Williams when they grew up, but I was one of those kids. I loved him on Mork and Mindy. I watched his ‘A Night at the Met.’ special way too many times. Especially for someone as young as I was. Six years ago I saw him in Lafayette, but waited too long to get tickets and ended up in the back. This time I had tickets right up front thanks to early ordering. I was in row EE which as you would guess is five rows back of the stage. Actually where I was at because of the stage configuration I was three rows back. Great seats for a great show.
The show itself started off as usual for Robin, but with one hitch. He really got on anyone who was filming him. With the Michael Richards incident (which he alluded to) I guess you have to be careful. He kept at the people that would not stop recording, and although he tried to be funny about it you could tell he was not happy. I can’t say that I blame him. His normal opening with local flavor was not bad. He went with a reference to Harry’s a local college bar. He also talked about how the name Boilermaker is also a drink. The rest of his routine was typical Robin. Jumping around topics with impressions and his normal theatrical presentation. His closing routine about the making of the human reproductive organs was an instant classic that I will feel tomorrow. I was laughing way too hard, and I am sure that I will hurt in the morning. Apparently I was having too much fun at the show because they kept putting me up on the screen. I must have been the easy crowd reaction shot. I went into the show with high expectations which usually leads to letdown. Not in this case. You really get what you pay for with his shows. Hopefully he will stop by again in the future.
I nearly did not get to see him this time. I missed the ticket sale for the Chicago shows that were this past weekend. If it was not for a site called The Robin Williams Fan Site I would not have known about this new tour. I check the site fairly often, but apparently not often enough. It is a good site if you like Robin. Thanks to them I was able to get great tickets for this show.

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