csd Flashback: Records Were Made to Be Broken…

And apparently September 20th was the day to do it. On that day I saw my 50th game in Ross-Aide Stadium. I should have made the milestone for the Oregon game, but I was too busy watching a double header in Shea Stadium. For this game the Central Michigan Chippewas came to town. With that we knew that we would hear “Lefevour on the keeper” over and over. That quarterback is something else. He will make a pro team very happy someday. He is hard to contain when he is running, and he is a very good passer as well. I am glad that I was able to see him play in college three times, but I hope I never see him on the other sideline again.

Purdue had this game in hand after a back and forth battle. All Purdue had to do was run out the clock in the fourth quarter. Curtis Painter put the ball in the ground in Chippewa territory, and gave Central Michigan a chance to win. They took advantage of that chance and scored a touchdown to pull within a point. The of course went for two points, and made it. The way we had been moving the ball I did not know what kind of a chance that we had with less than two minutes left on the clock. All we needed was a field goal, but that was the case the week before when our kicker missed two would be game winners at the end. A great return by Desmond Tardy, and a personal foul penalty gave us the ball at midfield. Korey Sheets then ran a draw play up the middle. At the time I was upset that we were running the ball, but when he took off untouched for the score I changed my mind. That touchdown put him past Mike Alstott for the most all-time for Purdue. When Purdue intercepted a Chippewa pass and ran out the clock it also gave Joe Tiller his 85th victory. He is now alone atop the Purdue win list.
As I said before every game against Central Michigan was fun to watch, but I think that I will be okay without seeing them come around for a while. Three times in one year is enough for me. In a few minutes I went from despair to elation. This was a great game to be at.


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