Chicago White Sox 2008 Central Champs!

When they needed it most the Sox got the pitching. John Danks came out tonight and threw one hell of a game. Just like Mark and Gavin did the previous two nights, Danks came out and threw a gem tonight. Eight innings pitched and only two hits. What a game. He is quickly earning respect on the South Side. His pitching was great, but Nick Blackburn pitched a great game himself. One bad pitch amongst many good ones was the difference between the winning and losing pitchers.
In a close game it came down to a play that was not even close. Jim Thome hit a 461 foot shot to straight away center that was the deciding factor in the game. Off the bat I was screaming, and as Hawk said last night I think I stripped a couple of gears when it finally went over the wall. Ken Griffey also shocked the crowd when he threw a perfect strike home to A.J. to cap a double play. Tonight it just seemed like fate was on our side. So many moments that seemed to define the game. The double play in the first also helped our cause.
Bobby Jenks came into the game to pitch a scoreless ninth, and Brian Anderson capped the game with a great catch to end it. The celebration after the game was great, and it made me crazy enough to spend $35 on a Division Champs hat. Hopefully I can waste more money on a ALCS hat, and a World Series hat. Am I dreaming? probably, but anything can happen in the playoffs. That is why it is so important just to get in. The Twins are a great team. They scare me every time that we play them. The just keep reloading every year.

I was able to go to tonights game because a former supplier called up this morning to offer me tickets. After the past couple of weeks maybe we should make them a current supplier again. Any playoff tickets would put them there in my book. I have been to some great games, but this one has to be tops so far. I was able to be part of a great atmosphere, and see my team clinch. Thank God we won the simple coin flip a couple of weeks ago, and this game was in Chicago. If not I could be feeling very different right now. In 2005 I kicked myself because I would not shell out the big money to see at least one playoff game. This year I may have to go to at least one.

Edit: This was my 500th sporting event that I have attended. What a game for the milestone event.

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