A Return From the Brink

This title serves two purposes. I think that I had left this site for dead. I really have been keeping busy enough in my life that it became very hard to keep this blog up. I really did not attend too many sporting events this summer so I let it go. Over the last couple of weeks I really piled them on though. I will re-start this blog by talking about the Sox game that I saw today. I received some tickets for the game from a supplier that we don’t even use anymore. When I got them over a week ago I knew that I would not see the team clinch. That is because I thought that they would have gotten the job done by now. As the title of the post suggests the Sox needed to win today to extend the season. Mark Buehrle was pitching on three days rest, and to top that off he threw 121 pitches in that outing. Before the game I never thought that he could be effective for as long as he did. His performance today really solidified his status as one of my all time favorite Sox players. He stepped it up when his team needed him most today. He went seven solid innings only giving up a second inning home run. With the bullpen as shaky as it has been we needed a solid start today. Mark seemed to induce a double play every time that he needed one. He even showed his patented pick off move to pick off a base runner. Matt Thornton and Bobby Jenks each contributed a solid inning in relief today to secure the victory for Mark.

The offense decided to hit today as well. Paul Konerko hit a solo shot in the second to tie the game, and start the rally that ended up deciding things. For once I actually got the swing on film. The above picture is his follow through on the dinger. The Sox used some timely hitting and some help to score three runs in the second. They added two more in the seventh to add a little breathing room. I would not have felt safe until we were at least ten up the way that things have been going.

The Sox need to win the next two games to make the playoffs and play the Rays on Thursday. They get Freddy Garcia and the Tigers tomorrow. The game will feature a former Sox player Freddy Garcia, and the player that we traded him for in Gavin Floyd. That should be an interesting game. If we win that one we get the Twins at the Cell. My nerves are shot. I wish that I would know either way. I know that we will probably get killed if we make the playoffs, but it would sure be nice if we did. Today’s game had a playoff type atmosphere, and I can only imagine what it would be like to actually be at a playoff game. I may have to be ‘sick’ on Tuesday if it comes down to a one game playoff for the Central. I will probably not get to go so it is fitting that I end the baseball season with game #81 (on the ticket) of the season when it started with game #1 at Comiskey.

Over the next couple weeks I will try and get caught up on what I have been doing. You will get to see how my trip to New York went. I made stops in Cooperstown, Shea Stadium, and even to see my Sox play in Yankee Stadium. I also have some catching up to do in football.

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