Return of the Commander!

I was shocked this morning when I was working out and saw something about Carlton Fisk on the bottom crawl of Comcast Sports Net. I was so far away that I could only make out “Welcome Back Night.” I had to work so I just got home to see what I had missed. It turns out that Carlton Fisk will join the ranks of Minnie Minoso (my father’s favorite player), and local boy Ron Kittle as a White Sox ambassador. I have met Minoso a couple of times while he was in this roll, and I hope that others will get a chance to meet Carlton because of it. Carlton will be honored during the May 22nd game against the Indians with a “Welcome Back Carlton Fisk” night at U.S. Cellular field. I am already scrambling for tickets to the game. I will be there for a couple of reasons. One is that I really have been wanting to see another game, and the other is the obvious one that my favorite player will be there. Thanks to George Bush and the stimulus check that I received yesterday I will be at the game no matter what. Nothing like supporting your economy starting with your favorite baseball team. I think it is almost time for another countdown.


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