Baseball Legends: Bo Jackson

We are trying a couple of new things at the Baseball Legends site. One of them is to profile players that were great in their time, but not a candidate for the Hall of Fame. When I heard of that criteria one name immediately came to mind: Vincent Edward ‘Bo Jackson.’ Bo burst onto the scene and never looked back. He was one of my (and countless other kids) favorite players as a child. I was thrilled when he became a member of the White Sox in 1991 even though he was hurt. He was a Heisman Trophy winner as well as the only person to be selected to the Major League and NFL All Star teams. He did not get to play in the Pro Bowl though because of injury. Bo was a great player that played the game right. He also played it at a level that not many other people could.
One of my greatest memories of a Sox player is Bo hitting a home run in his first at bat back after his hip replacement. He came up to the plate and sent the first pitch of Neal Heaton into the stands. He promised his mother who he was very close to that he would make it back. She died before he saw action, and he dedicated that home run to her. I still remember where I was when I heard the call on the radio. He was a man who could do anything. His “Bo Knows” ads were the talk of the country. He was also a legend in Tecmo Bowl. How many young kids wanted to play as the Raiders so that they could run with Bo Jackson. One popular YouTube video shows one man running out an entire quarter with Bo. You just could not bring him down. He was a great athlete, and I think worthy of the first forgotten legend spot on the site.


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