Gavin Floyd Flirts With Greatness

I knew that I would see history tonight on election night in my state, but I did not know that I would potentially see some White Sox history. The Sox finally made another teams offense look bad. Although they still managed to score a run without the benefit of a hit. Gavin Floyd took a no-hitter into the ninth inning. He struck out Brendan Harris to start the inning. The no-hitter was then broken up with one out in the ninth by Joe Mauer. Mauer hit a slicing line drive that Nick Swisher came up just short on. Floyd was immediately pulled from the game, but his effort was applauded by the Sox faithful. I can see why, the team has not given us too much to be excited about lately. Bobby Jenks got the final two outs to end the game.
I was really nervous in the bottom of the eighth inning when the Sox decided to get the bats going a bit. They kept showing Floyd in the dugout, and he kept looking more and more nervous. I really just wanted the inning to end so that Floyd could take the mound again.
Gavin really seems to be coming around. He just needs to let the bad things go, and face the next batter. He will have many gems ahead of him I would guess.
On a side note the Sox won 7-1 to end this long losing streak. My team had not won in over a week. Hopefully we can bounce back from this stretch, and maybe a game like tonight’s will help jump start the team. When you have trouble scoring a single run the pitcher throwing a near no-hitter can only help. The way things had been going if you had told me a no-hitter was in progress I would have guessed that it was the Sox getting no hit.


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