Baseball Legends: Ted Williams

Ted Williams was an American hero at a time where we needed some heroes. He was a great baseball player that made an impact on his team from his first day in the Major Leagues. He won two MVP awards and two Triple Crowns. He was also the last man to bat over .400. I think he was the greatest hitter to play the game, but I always have wondered what his numbers would have looked like if he had not lost almost 5 years to military service. He was a combat pilot/trainer in World War II and the Korean War. His legendary eyesight helped him set gunnery records while training. He was a great ballplayer that also served his country when he was asked to. I used to love to listen to the man talk about hitting whenever he was on TV. He was an encyclopedia of hitting. I found out that he died during the pre-game of a Sox-Indians game. It was amazing to see the reaction of White Sox fans when told of his passing. He was a national treasure that is still missed today. It is sad that the new generation of fans only know him for having his head cryogenicly frozen.
Read my article on Williams at Baseball Legends.


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