Roger Clemens (Followed by Rambling Incoherent Thoughts)

I have been holding off saying something about Roger Clemens for a while now, but I am in just the kind of mood right now to get some things off of my chest. Roger set some marks that made him one of the greatest pitchers of all-time. He would have more than likely been a first ballot Hall of Famer as well. Then Jose Canseco and George Mitchell help us learn that maybe Roger was dabbling with performance enhancing drugs. Clemens was even scrutinized by half of the committee (the other half seemed content with their signed memorabilia) for his involvement with performance enhancing drugs. If Roger did indeed do these things he should have just come out and said so. Instead he files a defamation suit against his former trainer who then starts a leak about Roger and a 15 year old Country singer. That little leak has opened the floodgates to a whole line of women that I am sure will still be parading out in the next few months. In this guilty until proven innocent (and then still presumed guilty) society that we live in it doesn’t matter if these women have actually ever even met Clemens. The fact that they say that they have slept with him will be enough. We don’t need proof, just accusations. For the good of baseball I just wish that this performance enhancing drug situation can get resolved, but without this kind of collateral damage that we see. If it was really as rampant as it is reported to be then we had a level playing field. I am not saying that it was right, because it is far from right, but if both the pitchers and the batters were doing it then we had equality. Maybe it goes even farther than that. I am sure that we could find out that former Cubs third base coach “Waving” Wendall Kim was on HGH to be able to get his arm around 3-4 times more than the average “non doping” third base coach. Maybe Steve Bartman was on HGH in order to be able to have the hand eye coordination to steal the ball from Alou (sorry Moises thats right you would never have caught that ball anyway). While we are on the topic of Bartman what do you think he was playing on that Walkman? I have a funny feeling that in time we will find out that he had Rick Astley playing “Never Gonna Give You Up” on that walkman giving us the very first Rick Roll. If that is the case remember you heard it here first.


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