Baseball Legends: Brooks Robinson

Today another article of mine posted on the Baseball Legends site. I chose to write about Brooks Robinson because of the things that I read about him as a child. I used to buy any sports book that was part of the Scholastic Reader that they used to pass around. You remember that thin two page pamphlet with all kinds of kids books in it? Brooks seemed to be in many of those books that I bought. It may be due to the fact that he had just been inducted into the Hall of Fame, or just because he was that great. I bought the World Series Greatest Moments book to read about Carlton Fisk, and found out that Robinson had a great 1970 World Series. From that day on I have sought out info on Brooks. He was a great defensive player, and it is good to see that offensive statistics are not the only thing that people look at when they are voting someone into the Hall. He had decent numbers, but make no mistake about it, his mitt bought him his ticket into the Hall.

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