Carlton Fisk Countdown: Aftermath

You thought the countdown was over? It’s never over. I started this countdown with great enthusiasm. I thought that I would find the 72 best Fisk cards, and chronicle them. What I found was that over the countdown I even disagreed with myself. Cards that I thought were great at the beginning lost their value to me even in that short of a time span. Cards like the one to the left that for some reason I like were left off. I really have a soft spot for oddball cards that I haven’t seen too many of. With the internet I have found out that cards that I thought had to be rare really were not. Anyway the countdown is over, and the discussion can begin. What really is the best card of Carlton? I would like to hear some responses to this. I am sure that everyone does not share my memory of a day that would make the ’84 Team Checklist card the most valuable to them. Is it the rookie card? Could it be a relic card? Let me know what card that you like best.
Like I said yesterday. When things slow down, and summer is gone I will start the countdown of the worst Carlton cards. I am not saying that the cards are bad, but sometimes they seemed to catch him in bad positions or at a bad time. I would guess that countdown will be a while in coming. Then again after writing something everyday for this long I may miss the daily typing and start it sooner rather than later. I already have a few in my mind that will more than likely make the cut.
In the next couple of days I will take a look at some cards/sets that I have received during this countdown, but did not want to clutter the site with. I can now get back to some of the daily posting that does not involve Fisk. I am sure though that in some way it will end up involving him. I found a youtube video that I will post below that recaps Carlton’s career. While I was watching it I was laughing at how the moments shown recap the countdown as well.


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