Baseball Legends: Mickey Mantle

I never thought that I could like a Yankee as much as I like Mickey Mantle. From an early age my father would tell me about the exploits of ‘the Mick.’ He explained how he was a power hitter, but would also bunt his way on. He used him as an example of a player that could have been so much more. If not for injuries and his partying he could have been the greatest to ever play the game. He still was one of the greatest. Part of my journey this summer to Yankee stadium will be to visit the place that both he and ‘the Babe’ suited up at. It will be an honor to walk in monument park. Then I will spend the rest of the day rooting against the Yankees.
The circumstances surrounding his death have also made him a hero. He came out in the press stating that his lifestyle may have led to his early demise. He said that he was not a role model, and that we should not be like him. He then went on a crusade for the rest of his short life trying to bring awareness to organ donation. He turned a negative into a huge positive.
To see my article on the Mick go to the Baseball Legends website.

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