Carlton Fisk Countdown: #1

Today is the last card of the countdown. I know someone is probably saying “That card?” This countdown was never about the most valuable, rare, or fancy cards. Some may have beat out others because of those qualities, but it was always about my favorite Fisk cards. This one tops the list because of how I feel whenever I see it. I have already talked on this blog about my first ever Sox game and how I was able to meet both Fisk and Dotson. This card ever since then has become a reminder of that day. This was part of the first Sox cards that I ever got a hold of as well. I had all of the guys from that 1984 team. I also tried to get the players that were listed on other teams, but actually were on the Sox. Tom Seaver was a great example of this. When I first traded for this card I did so because it was a Sox card, and also because it was a checklist. I started crossing off the players that I had until someone told me that you were not supposed to write on cards. I still have that card in with a partially crossed off checklist on the back.
Going through this countdown I had to leave off a lot of cards that I liked. I never thought that I would find 72 cards worthy of the list. What I found was that I had many more than that. I could have probably done the 144 best cards of Fisk. Maybe I will do a countdown of the worst cards that were produced of him later on.


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