A Look at the White Sox After the 1st 25 Games (Postponed)

Today I was going to do a report on the first 25 games of the Sox season. Then Bobby Jenks blew the save, and the game was called after 11 innings. The game was a microcosm of the Sox season. They just could not capitalize on the chances that they were given. They had multiple chances to score, but did everything that they could to piss them away. They also had a shot at getting a lead in the Central, but they are allowing the Tigers and the Indians to get hot. After today’s game I am not too happy with my team so I am going to focus my rage on the Cubs. Actually I saw on Comcast during a rain delay that it is the 25th anniversary of the Lee Elia rant. I did not know what that was until I found it on youtube. I posted the video below for your viewing pleasure. Warning: Do not click on the link if you don’t want to hear the F-bomb. He drops the F-bomb 33 times in this short clip. Bobby Knight has nothing on him here.

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