Baseball Legends: Pop Llyod

For some reason I really have been fixated on the Negro League players that never got a chance to show their ability in the Major Leagues in my first set of articles for the Baseball Legends site. Today is no exception. John Henry Pop” Lloyd was one of the greatest Negro League players ever. He may have been one of the greatest baseball players ever. He is however lost in the obscurity of the Negro Leagues. Most people don’t even care about the records, or if they do they don’t know how accurate they are. I really .10wish that we could have seen past skin color and let the best men play together. The entire history of the sport would be different today. Could you imagine the matchups? Ruth v. Paige, Lloyd and Cobb grinding it out on opposite sides of the field. Lloyd did get to face the Tigers in exhibition games when he played in Cuba. He outhit Cobb by over .170 points in the series. Cobb’s Tigers won the series though. How many great matchups were we deprived of because of segregation?
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