A.J. Is Always Interesting

A couple of weeks ago Steve over at White Sox Cards posted a youtube video of A.J. Pierzynski. A link to his post can be found here. The premise of the video is that Sox beat reporter Joe Cowley (not the former pitcher) is going to start going up against pro athletes to see how the average man can do against them. The first one that he chose was A.J. The year before Pierzynski only threw out about 16% of the runners that attempted to steal on him. The Chicago papers let him have it, and Cowley thinks that A.J.’s arm is so bad that he can steal on A.J. He gets 10 chances, and Cowley thinks that he can steal at least ten times. Here are the results:

This video is great because you really get to see A.J. at his best. He is a gamer. When he is on the other team you hate him, but when he is on yours you love him. When he was on the Twins I used to despise the man. Now he is one of my favorite guys to watch on the field. This video is almost ten minutes long, and it is pretty good all the way through. On his first practice run Cowley remarks on how far it is to second. That is a bad sign. After nailing him the first three times A.J. starts asking if he even wants to do the last seven. He starts getting in his head about being able to make it all the way through. The best part of the video though is A.J. not even conceding defeat on one steal attempt. He hates to lose anything. Kind of sounds like someone else that I know.


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