2009 Madden Cover Athlete Announced!

What better way to end the Madden curse and also honor Brett Favre then to make him the cover boy for the new game coming out in August. I am fairly excited about this game. I don’t know why I get excited for the new Madden every year, but I do. This year I played it for a couple of weeks, got all the achievements, and never picked it up again. I watch the NFL, but love college football so much more. I play the college game more then any human should. One reason that I started watching pro football more was Brett Favre. He played the game like it was just that, a game. It is also the 20th anniversary of the Madden franchise so it is only fitting that they pick a quarterback who just finished up a 17 year career in which he did not miss a game. Hopefully EA will add a cyber Favre to the game so that I can just play a game each Sunday and pretend that Favre did not retire. Of course the curse will probably hit, and he will be cyber hurt leaving me with cyber Aaron Rodgers anyway.


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