Carlton Fisk Countdown: #4

Okay earlier in the countdown I said that no other regular issue cards from 1985 would show up on the countdown. That clears the way for this one. It is a 1985 Donruss Leaf card of Pudge. I bought this card at a card show in 1986, and Carlton signed it that day. My dad bought me four tickets for Carlton, and two for Mike Boddicker who was also at the show. This was probably the best card for me to have him autograph. It has a large space on it much like a picture does. This was the second time that I had met my hero in person. I have an 8×10 that was also signed on that day. Of course it is an upper body shot of Carlton and what uniform do you think he is wearing. That’s right it is the pajama uniform from the early 80’s. I might have foreshadowed this card a little in an earlier post. I will try not to foreshadow any more cards. That sort of takes all of the fun out of what the next card will be. Half of the fun is trying to guess what card it will be. I will tell you that the next card is definitely a trophy winner.


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